1. Posey isn’t so sure about our new headboard, but she loves crawling all over clean sheets and pillows enough to deal with it.


  2. Call me a safe bet, I’m betting I’m not…

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  3. Long day at the zoo for #cincywalks. At least the Buckeyes are winning!

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  4. Therapy. (Thanks for the wine glasses @lovedaysm! )

  5. OK Facebook. You got me. I clicked on this ad. #suckerforstretchypants

  6. Went to Mad Potter for this girl’s last fling before the ring! #futuremrshaynie (at The Mad Potter Madeira)


  7. This song is freaking awesome.

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  8. At my bff’s bridal shower! #futuremrshaynie

  9. Erica is the latest victim of the snuggle struggle.

  10. Rocking the necklace I wore on my wedding day. Always make me feel a bit more special. 💖 #jewelmint

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