1. Enjoyed our whirlwind honeymoon but I am so happy to be home with this girl! #poseythepitbull #dogsofinstagram

  2. Stopping in Amarillo for steak on our way back home! Pat is too chicken to try the 72 oz steak challenge. #kimandpatdoamerica (at The Big Texan Steak Ranch)

  3. Saw the Grand Canyon yesterday! Nature is a BAMF. #kimandpatdoamerica

  4. Las Vegas! Only lost $4. #kimandpatdoamerica (at Monte Carlo Resort & Casino- Las Vegas)

  5. So this just happened. Pat said it reminded him of Sonic. #kimandpatdoamerica

  6. San Diego, I think I love you. #kimandpatdoamerica (at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park)

  7. Quick drive through LA on our way to San Diego. Minnie Mouse was our only celebrity sighting. #kimandpatdoamerica

  8. Lunch stop as we drive down the California coast. (at Santa Cruz Wharf)

  9. Campfire and wine. So far California is awesome. #kimandpatdoamerica (at San Francisco North / Petaluma KOA)

  10. California! #kimandpatdoamerica (at Ocean Beach, San Francisco)